• 40% Case Studies (400 pts total)
    Each case study is worth 100 points and will be due every Friday at 11:55pm.
  • 10% Responses to Peer Posts (100 pts)
    Each response / comment to a peer’s forum post is worth 25 points. You have one due per week and these are due Monday at 11:55pm.
  • 20% Quizzes (50 pts total)
    4 Online Quizzes
  • 20% Final Exam (200 pts)
    Case Study Essay
  • 10% Interview A Professional (100 pts)
    As we cover principles and dilemmas associated with media ethics in an increasingly digital culture, it is important to hear from professionals on their experiences. Because digital communication is relatively new, many media organizations may not yet have set guidelines for this new media environment. And, as media outlets continue to fragment and diversify, some professionals are forced to make tough decisions on their own.
  • 100% = 1000 pts